New Projects for 2017

We know that we have not kept up with blogging and that is a change we are ready to commit to making in this new year. Let us start by saying Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Chinese New Year as well. 

We saw our company grow and become larger than we expected in 2016. We were able to work with a lot of amazing people and companies last year. It made us realize that we were making an impact in the local area.

Now the question is, How can we make a better impact on you?

Let us just start by announcing that we are making a few changes to our services and offering some things we tested out in 2016.

Firstly,  we are now offering an Elopement Package. This is great for couples having a small quaint wedding and would like images to capture the love of their day as well. Pricing will be updated on our page very soon.

Secondly, we are now offering a Photo Booth services as well. This option can be added to your current wedding package at a discounted rate or can be purchased separately. We tested this service over 2016 and it was a great hit at Parties, Events, and Weddings. Clients will have the options of purchasing unlimited 4x6 prints and even customized backdrops with carpets.

Our last update to our company is the offering of videography services. We have been toying with the idea for a while and it seems it is time to put it into play.  After reaching out to a few local videographers, we are able to offer this service at a very competitive price and still offer great service. 

We hope these changes make it easier on our clients planning events in the future. As we always ask them, please let us know what we can help with?

Have a Great Day!

Your Creative Impressions Team